M2 Event

M2 2/11/2000

Open nomination for the innovative practice

M2 2/11/2000

Open nomination form

M2 5/7/2002 IT education 5 year plan achievement and progress reportPress release
M2 6/7//2002 CITE Research Symposium 2002
M2 8/10/2002 Quality Education Fund Dissemination Activity - Workshop
SITES HK - Second International Information Technology in Education Study, the Hong Kong Component

M2 18/1/2003 SITES M2 seminar and workshop
M2 3/7/2003 SITES M2 - A comparative case study of ¡§Innovative Pedagogical Practices Using Technology¡¨ : Press release
M2 4/7/2003 CITE Research Symposium 2003